Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Math problems

        Image result for chocolate
Amon has 6 packets of chocolate.
There are 24 chocolates in each packet.
How many does Amon have?                                    
142 because
split 24 into 12 and 12 then 6x12=72

                           Image result for tim tams                                                                               Viliami has 4 packets of tim tams.
There are 28 tim tams in each packet.
How many does Viliami have?
112 because
split 28 into 14 and 14 then 4x14=56
then 56+56=112

Image result for coca cola cans                                                                                                      Soane has 6 packets of cans.
there are 16 cans in each packet
How many does Soane have?
96 because
split the 16 into 10 and 6 then
6x10=60 and then 6x6=36
then 60+36=96

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