Friday, 20 November 2015



Did I read fluently:no
Did I read with expression:yes
Did I sound out words myself:yes

My goal is to:
read properly and nicely

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


One day there was a earthquake alarm and we had to drop,cover and hold.I went under the table and we had to hold the legs of the table so it can stay still.

After that my teacher went and checked if it was over but it was dangerous because if something dropped on her she could of died.

It was scary for my friend Amon but it was a bit funny and then my teacher said to everyone come out it finished.

Different kinds of Puppets

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Math problems

        Image result for chocolate
Amon has 6 packets of chocolate.
There are 24 chocolates in each packet.
How many does Amon have?                                    
142 because
split 24 into 12 and 12 then 6x12=72

                           Image result for tim tams                                                                               Viliami has 4 packets of tim tams.
There are 28 tim tams in each packet.
How many does Viliami have?
112 because
split 28 into 14 and 14 then 4x14=56
then 56+56=112

Image result for coca cola cans                                                                                                      Soane has 6 packets of cans.
there are 16 cans in each packet
How many does Soane have?
96 because
split the 16 into 10 and 6 then
6x10=60 and then 6x6=36
then 60+36=96

Practice problems wk 7

Maths problems

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The ngarara

The Ngarara
WALT write a summary of  a story.

On school holidays there were two girls who were soooo bored because their mum was so busy ripping off the old ancient wallpaper. After a while their mum found a piece of ancient paper and it had scribbled drawings and scrawled writing. Mum had an idea! ‘why don’t you paint a big ngarara on the wall? They liked the idea. They painted it but then they were thinking that the ngarara was real then it became real. They imagined that their Ngarara was real and did a little role play. Their ger boring.